The team that bought you Porn4PrEP are proud to introduce The Good Porn Project.

Following our success with Porn4PrEP we felt that we could use our expertise to help more people and The Good Porn Project was born.

Did you know there’s a pill that if taken correctly can prevent contraction of HIV? PrEP has been proven to stop the transmission of HIV when taken correctly.

Did you know, you HPV can lead to cancer? The NHS is currently offering Gardasil to gay men and women free of charge, this protects against the most dangerous strains of HPV.

Did you know that there are vaccinations against Hepetitis A and B?

Did you know that someone with HIV on successful treatment can’t transmit it to others? Studies show that undetectable people; those with a Viral Load bellow 50, are unable to transmit HIV to others after.

These are the kind of messages we believe should be public knowledge and that’s our aim!